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At Least 91 People Killed In Myanmar As Violence Continues To Escalate

Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
| The bloodshed appeared to represent the deadliest day for the country since the start of the military coup in February. It came as the military junta marked the annual Armed Forces Day holiday.

Indigenous-Language Radio Show In Oakland Promotes Vaccine Effort


Amid the pandemic, a new audio program is trying to reach residents who speak the Guatemalan language Mam. The show's founder Henry Sales hopes to help combat the COVID-19 crisis in his community.

Jacob Blake Files Excessive Force Lawsuit Against Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot Him


Attorneys for Jacob Blake have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey over the August shooting, which left Blake paralyzed and sparked days of unrest.

Texas Death Toll In February's Winter Storm Nearly Doubles To 111


The massive storm spread ice, snow and freezing temperatures over huge swaths of Texas, but power grid problems left millions weathering conditions in the dark in uninsulated homes.

USC Agrees $852 Million Settlement To End Sex Abuse Litigation


Added to a separate 2018 settlement of $215 million, the agreement means the university is paying more than $1 billion to clear the lawsuits related to former campus gynecologist George Tyndall.

New Zealand Approves Paid Leave After A Miscarriage


The policy will give parents the right to three days of paid leave when a pregnancy ends in stillbirth. "Their grief is not a sickness, it is a loss. And loss takes time," said the bill's initiator.

It 'Might Take Weeks' To Free Ship Stuck In Suez Canal, Salvage Company Says


The CEO of the Dutch company Boskalis, which is working to dislodge the 1,300-foot-long ship, compared the vessel to "an enormous beached whale."

China Retaliates Against Clothing Brands After Western Sanctions


Clothing companies H&M, Nike, and Adidas face boycotts for their refusal to use cotton from China's Xinjiang region.

The Pandemic Pushed People Outside And Now, Some Companies Hope They Stay There


Millions of people headed outside for recreation during the pandemic, sparking a banner year for many outdoor gear companies. Now, those companies hope to lock in their newly expanded markets.