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Coronavirus Puts A Crimp On The Chinese Tourism Industry

Paul Yeung/Bloomberg via Getty Images
| Fear of the respiratory virus, which has infected more than 24,600 people in over two dozen countries, has brought the normally lucrative business to a screeching halt.

Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Doctor And Girlfriend Accused Of Serial Rape


Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said that a review of the case found "no provable evidence" the California couple had committed any sexual offense.

'No Longer A Friend': Ukrainians Are Losing Faith In The U.S.


"America used to be a beacon of freedom, liberty and anti-corruption efforts. Now a lot of Ukrainians feel like ... we are by ourselves," says a Ukrainian political commentator.


EU Takes A Dim View Of Trump's Controversial Mideast Peace Plan


The plan sides with Israel on many major sticking points of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as allowing Israel to annex West Bank areas. The EU said it would challenge annexation efforts.

'I Don't Believe This Is Happening': 911 Call Reveals Chaos After Delta Fuel Dump


NPR has obtained audio of a 911 call made in the immediate aftermath of an incident, where Delta Air Lines Flight 89 dropped 15,000 gallons of jet fuel over the Los Angeles area.

Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Key Figure In Impeachment Trial, Retires


The career diplomat, who served as ambassador to Ukraine, became a key figure in the impeachment of President Trump, was forced out of her post in May.

Trump Administration Loosens Obama-Era Restrictions On Land Mine Use


The White House says it's lifting a ban on the weapon's use outside the Korean Peninsula. The administration calls it an "important tool," though statistics show it is most dangerous to civilians.

Shots Fired After SUV Storms Past Mar-A-Lago Checkpoints; 2 People In Custody


The president was not at his resort in Palm Beach, Fla., at the time of the incident. A black SUV breached two of Mar-a-Lago's security checkpoints as it was being pursued by Florida Highway Patrol.

Journalist Gwen Ifill Honored With Black Heritage Forever Stamp


The veteran reporter, who died at the age of 61 after battling cancer, will be memorialized on a new U.S. Postal Service Forever stamp.